On August 14, 2014 V. Radaev, Saratov Region Governor, visited SINKROS LLC in Kirovskiy district of Saratov. The enterprise specializes on the development, manufacturing and implementation of operating procedures automation systems used at fuel and energy enterprises. The Governor visited the enterprise shops, got familiarized with the company’s finished products and latest high-tech products the implementation of which is aimed at replacing similar products imported from abroad.  SINKROSS produces more than 60 types of equipment including modern fire safety automation complexes. During the last 12 years 97 complexes were put into operation.  The company products are also used at 350 oil and gas transportation and refining facilities of major Russian and foreign companies. The Governor was informed that under the conditions of sanctions imposed by a range of countries the Company is preparing to take a more active part in import substitution. As explained by the Company Director currently many operating procedure automation and safety systems are manufactured using foreign components.  Herewith the engineers develop home-produced hardware components and manufacture equipment that is competitive with similar foreign products.   “The Company’s mission is to be competitive in the Russian as well as in foreign markets. It should be noted that the products manufactured here are unique and many of the samples are exclusive. The Company’s employees are young and mostly graduated from Saratov universities. The engineers use innovative ideas which take shape in products in demand”, said V. Radaev. While talking with SINKROSS LLC top managers the Governor suggested that the Company should take part in the development of innovative components for modern reclamation systems.