The explosion-proof flame detector can be used in explosion hazardous areas of the 1st and 2nd Classes as per GOST R51330.9 and GOST R51330.13. Ex-Proof marking type is 2ExemIIBT5X. Ingress protection rating is not lower than IP65 as per GOST 14254. The flame detector has Fire Safety Certificate, Certificate of Compliance and Permit to Use by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision. The invention is covered by a patent.

  • IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) spectra analysis with the multistage digital signal processing.
  • Flame detection sensitivity adjustment allows optimizing sensor operation.
  • Video control function allows receiving up to 30 images via RS-485 interface for review of the event history that resulted in its response. This function is implemented without additional lines for video data transmission.
  • The detector can be used as an element of security system for a facility video control.
  • Optics purity and sensors operability tests are carried out every 10 minutes with the generation of their status signals.
  • The detector is equipped with a sight glass antisweating system.
  • Internal heating system allowing operation at lower temperatures.
  • Simple positioning of the detector. Position and control are performed with maximum accuracy using video image from the detector’s camera.
  • Remote update of internal software without dismantling.
  • The detector can be used either separately or as a part of KTS-2000 or other fire and security alarm and fire suppression control systems.



detection rate up to 60 m, Class 1
viewing angle (vertical and horizontal) min. 90 degrees
output port RS-485, current 0-20 mА
communication protocol MODBUS RTU
electromagnetic compatibility as per Fire Code 57 4 level of stiffness
supply voltage, V 24 (from 18 to 32 V)
useful current, max. А 0,25
galvanic isolation, min. V 500
insulation resistance, Mohm 20
operating temperature range, °С – 40 .. +75
overall dimensions, mm max. 300 х 190 х 100
weight with a bracked, max. kg 2,4
ex-proof marking 2 ЕхеmІІТ5 по ГОСТ Р 51330.0