Analog Signals Input Module K-3203


The module provides analog signals input and data output via RS-485 interface.


The module is intended for transformation of unified electrical continuous DC voltage or current signals (as per GOST 26.011) into digital coded signals and their transmission to upper control, monitoring, measurement or regulation system via RS-485 interface.

  • The module is intended for operation as part of design-specific distributed fire and security alarm systems and shall be mounted on structural elements (cabinet, floor panel) of KTS-2000, KTS SA.
  • Категория:
    General number of analogue inputs 4
    Analogue inputs operation mode* 0-5 mА,
    0-20 mА,
    4-20 mА,
    0-5 V
    Current input type Active / Passive
    Active current input supply voltage, V ±24
    Current input resistance, ohm, max. 150
    Voltage measurement input resistance, kohm, min. 100
    Supply voltage range, V 18..36
    Consumed power, W, max. 3
    Operating temperature range -40..70°С
    Overall dimensions, mm, max. 150x80x40
    Weight, kg, max. 0,4