Analog Signals Output Module K-3204


The module provides analog signals output and data receipt via RS-485 interface.


The module is intended for receipt of digital coded signals via RS-485 interface and their transformation into output digital and analog DC signals (solid state relay, current signals from 0 to 20 mA).

The module is intended for operation as part of design-specific distributed fire and security alarm systems and shall be mounted on structural elements (cabinet, floor panel) of KTS-2000, KTS SA.

The module can be restored and repaired, it is intended for day-and-night continuous operation.

Number of digital output signals 8
Number of analogue output signals 4
Resolution of setting voltage and current, bit 16
Number of groups 4
Number of signals in a group 2 discrete and 1 analog signal
Output digital signals Solid state relay is generated
Switched current (AC/DC), mА, max. 40
Maximum switched voltage at active load, V, max. 36
Output analogue signal, mА 0..20
Current signals load resistance, Ohm, max. 500
Conventional error limit throughout temperature range, % 0,25
Interface RS-485
Supply voltage range, V 18..36
Consumed power, W, max. 5
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 150x80x40
Weight, kg, max. 0,4