Code Converter PK-004/DS


Code converter PK-004/DS is intended for receipt, transformation and transmission of a temperature code signal from sensors of 10 MicroLAN interface series produced by Maxim Company (Dallas Semiconductor) to Upper Level Equipment, including KTS-2000, via RS-485 serial interface in Modbus RTU protocol.

It is produced in several versions with different IP categories and explosion protection types.

Number of connected sensors 32
Interfaces RS-485, MicroLAN
Rate of exchange via RS-485 (bit/sec.): 2400 — 57600
Rated supply voltage (range), V В 24 В (± 10%)
Consumed power, W, max. 3
Polling cycle time, sec. 2
Operating temperature range, °С
PK-004/DS version -55…+70
PK-004/DS.01 version -40…+70
PK-004/DS.01.01 version -40…+70
Overall dimensions, mm, max.
PK-004/DS version 320x320x90
PK-004/DS.01 version 210x107x80
PK-004/DS.01.01 version 283x295x91
Weight, kg, max.
PK-004/DS version 6,5
PK-004/DS.01 version 2
PK-004/DS.01.01 version 2,5