Code Converter PK-004/RA


Addressable socket PK-004 / RA is intended for receiving signals from sensors and/or fire and security detectors, their conversion into a code and transmitting the code to Upper Level Equipment (ULE) via RS-485 serial interface in Modbus RTU protocol.

Addressable socket PK-004/RA-022А4.01vkPK-004/RA versions are applied as part of Fire and Security Alarm and Fire Suppression Control Hardware and Software System KTS-2000 (TU 4371-006-12221545-01). The sockets are intended for control of alarm loops with the following devices installed therein - non-addressable security, fire as well as fire-and-security detectors, fire suppression systems process parameters sensors (with dry contact output signals) as well as AL remote restart, AL state transfer (number of actuated AL detectors, AL communication lines breaks and short circuits) via RS-485 interface in Modbus RTU protocol.

Number of connected loops 4
Interface RS-485
Rate of exchange via RS-485 (bit/sec.): 2400 — 230400
Rated supply voltage (range), V В 24 V (± 10%)
Consumed power, W, max. 3
Operating temperature range, °С
PK-004/RA — 02 А4m.0 version -10…+50
PK-004/RA — 022 А4 (А4m) version -40…+70
PK-004/RA — 022 А4.01 version -40…+70
PK-004/RA -022А4.01 version -55…+90
PK-004/RA -022А4.01vk version -55…+90
Overall dimensions, mm, max.
PK-004/RA — 02 А4m.0 version 110×100×75
PK-004/RA — 022 А4 (А4m) version 210×207×80
PK-004/RA — 022 А4.01 version 210×207×80
PK-004/RA -022А4.01 version 283×295×91
PK-004/RA -022А4.01vk version 283×295×91
Weight, kg, max.
PK-004/RA — 02 А4m.0 version 0.3
PK-004/RA — 022 А4 (А4m) version 1.8
PK-004/RA — 022 А4.01 version 1.8
PK-004/RA -022А4.01 version 4.3
PK-004/RA -022А4.01vk version 4.3