Communication-logical Сontroller K-3101


Controller provides data collection and processing and communication protocols conversion at solving automation tasks.


The controller can be operated as a separate unit and be a part of automatics cabinets and control and alarm panels including those of fire-and-security, monitoring and protection united in a network with upper level equipment with the help of interfaces.

The controller allows solving the following tasks in any combination or simultaneously:

  • initial data collection and processing;
  • collection and processing of data received from automatics of third parties, e.g., from intelligent detectors, devices, etc.
  • communication with various levels equipment via RS-485/232 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.

Number of serial ports RS-485 4
Number of serial ports RS-232 4
Program flash memory 128 kb
Data flash memory 32 kb
RAM 64 kb
In-built real time controller available
Поддерживаемые протоколы: порт RS-485/232 Modbus RTU
Rate of exchange via RS-485/RS232

ports 1, 2

ports 3, 4

up to 304 kbaud/s

up to 115 kbaud/s

Supply voltage 24 V
Ingress protection rating IP20
USB port available
PS/2 port available