Controller K-2000M


Controller K-2000M is intended for measuring of electrical signals of DC power and voltage and DC resistance received from nonelectric quantities primary converters such as temperature (thermocouples, resistance thermal converter), pressure, vibration, etc., located in explosion hazardous areas at oil, gas and other facilities as well as for displaying, signals logical processing and data input-output.


K-2000M is intended for operation in non-hazardous areas of premises and outdoor facilities and can be used autonomously and as part of other technical means of automation such as fire, control, management and protection united in a network by interfaces RS-485(RS-232), etc., for automation tasks performance.

Controller allows fulfilling the following tasks simultaneously and in any combination:

  • collection and processing of primary information (digital and analogue signals);
  • collection and processing of data from automation means of third parties, for example, from intelligent detectors, instruments, etc.;
  • receipt/transmission of data with protocols conversion;
  • displaying of data;
  • archivation of data;
  • automatic regulation (relay, proportional-integral differential (PID));
  • generation of actuators control signals (starters, motor-driven valves), drives (invertors), etc.;
  • protection and alarm;
  • communication with equipment including upper level equipment (ULE of Automated Control System, IBM PC type, etc.) via RS-485(RS-232) interface with Modbus protocol.

Operating temperature range (10 – 50) °С.
Relative humidity of up to 80% at the temperature of 35°С and at lower temperatures with no condensation.

Controller scope (components)

Controller includes:

  • power supply in extended modification;
  • Indication and Control Unit BIU;
  • IBM-compatible industrial controller;
  • Current inputs and regulator unit TVR;
  • Heat sensors unit TDK;
  • Digital input-output unit DVV;
  • Repeater-transcoder unit RTK;
  • Flash-card reader.

The controller includes the abovementioned components in various combinations and quantities including single-type ones – in various modifications: controller contains 9 slots (standard size 4U?42HP) with the general number of Units of current inputs and regulator, heat sensors, digital input-output, repeater transcoder of not more than 9, number of Units of current inputs and regulator and/or of heat sensors is not more than 8. The number of measuring channels is not more than 32.

Performance Data

RAM min. 64 Mb
Flash-card up to 16 Gb
USB 2 ports
LAN 2 ports
Protocol RS-485(RS-232) Modbus
Rate of exchange 2400-115200 baud
Display and keyboard interface available
Real time timer 1
Lithium battery available
Watchdog timer and reset device available
Support of expansion modules available