Current Inputs and Regulator Unit TVR.


Current inputs and regulator unit TVR is intended for measurement of electrical quantities of direct current and voltage received from sensors or converters including those located in explosion hazardous areas. Ex-proof type is intrinsically safe circuit. The unit is a part of K-2000/М and Input-Output Unit.

Number of inputs 4
Measurement of input analogue signals in the ranges of 0-5 mА, 0-20 mА, 4-20 mА, 0-5 V
Admissible conventional error ± 0,1%
Measurement cycle time for inputs, ms 50
regulator Relay and PID
Communication interface RS485
Communication interface speed, baud 2400-115200
Consumed power, W, max. 3
Galvanic isolation, V 1500
Rated supply voltage, V 24
Operating temperature range -40…+60
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 130x20x175
Weight, max. 0,4