Discrete Input-Output Unit DVV.


Digital input-output unit DVV is intended for input-output of discrete signals from various detectors (level gauges, position detectors, pressure gauges, etc.), output of control digital signals and their logical processing. Ex-proof type is intrinsically safe circuit.

The unit is a part of K-2000/М and Input-Output Unit.

Number of inputs 24
Input analogue signals Dry contact or open collector
Polling current, mA 10
Open-circuit voltage, V 15
Number of outputs 16
Output signals Transistor key
Switched DC, mA 300
DC switched voltage, V 36
Polling rate, Hz 1 or 10
Communication interface RS-485
Communication interface speed, baud 2400-115200
Consumed power, W, max. 3
Galvanic isolation, V 2500
Rated supply voltage, V 24
Operating temperature range -40…+60°С
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 130x20x175
Weight, max. 0,4 кг