Repeater Transcoder Unit RTK

Repeater transcoder unit RTK is intended for logical processing and data input-output requiring connection of additional segments of RS-485 and/or MicroLAN interfaces. Ex-proof type is intrinsically safe circuit.

Number of RS-485 interfaces 2
Number of MicroLAN interfaces 1
Number of RS-485 additional segment devices 255
Number of MicroLAN additional segment devices 32
Length of RS-485 additional segment, m 1200
Length of MicroLAN additional segment, m 240
RS-585 protocol Modbus RTU
Communication interface speed, baud 2400-230400
Consumed power, W, max. 3
Galvanic isolation, V 2500
Rated supply voltage, V 24
Operating temperature range -40…+60°С
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 130x20x175
Weight, max. 0.4 kg