Switching Optocoupler Modules MOK


Switching optocoupler module MOK-1M is intended for galvanic isolation of detectors’ input circuits (annunciators and instruments) with the purpose of automatics system input circuits’ protection against emergency states and surge voltage.

MOK modules also provide equipment state control with the help of the signals from converters, sensors as well as pressure, level and position (of shut-off valves’ limit switches, pumps’ starters, etc.) alarms

Number of input signals 1
AC/DC voltage input signal 220 V, 50 Hz 110 V, 50 Hz ± 12 V
± 24 V
Number of output signals 1
Switching output DC voltage 27 V
Switching current 30 mА
Consumption power, max. 0.5 W
The cross-section area of the wire which can be connected to each output from 0.2 to
1.5 mm2