Switching Relay Modules MRK


Switching and control relay modules MRK-KM, MRK-24M and MRK-12 are intended for galvanic isolation of controllers’ internal signals and discrete signals’ input-output external circuits.

Number of switching circuits (switching contact) 1
DC voltage input signal 24 V
Load current, max.
Active 10 А
Inductive 5 А
Load circuit control AC voltage 220 V
Control current 10 мА
Supply voltage 24 V ± 10 %
Circuit control output signalopen collector U = 30 V, I up to 30 mA
Switching output voltage, max.
AC 220 V
Maximum switching power of active load
AC 2500 VA
Maximum switching power of inductive load
AC 1500 VA
Number of switching cycles, min. 60 000
Consumption power, max. 3 W
The cross-section area of the wire which can be connected to each output from 0.2 to
1.5 mm2